Packing Warning

An excerpt from “Around the World” in 100 Days reads:

“If you decide to bring valuable or even semi-valuable pieces (of jewelry) with you, the place to carry them while traveling is in your purse where you can have your hand on them at all times. The next best place is your carry-on bag. Never pack valuables of any kind, including money, tickets, passports, cameras and electronics, as well as jewelry, in luggage that will be checked. If you decide to check your carry-on for any reason, remove your valuables before handing it to the airline or ship personnel. Better safe than sorry.”

Here’s an example of why this advice is so important:

Hidden Cameras Reveal Airport Workers Stealing from Luggage

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Around the World in 100 Days, the Trip of a Lifetime

Around the World in 100 Days, the Trip of a Lifetime

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