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Classic Gothic Book Collection

Books were originally published as Patricia Maxwell. All are available in the Kindle Unlimited and the Audible audio books programs.

SECRET OF MIRROR HOUSE, Steel Magnolia Press 2012, originally published by Fawcett Gold Medal, 1970

DescriSecret of Mirror House_500x750ption:

Romantic gothic suspense set in the Deep South in the 1870s.

After Amelia Harveston loses her mother to tragic circumstances, she fears she will be forced into poverty and the position of a desperate woman. When distant relatives invite her to live with them at Mirror House, the plantation home built by her grandfather, she readily accepts. Her expectations of a warm family embrace where she’ll be loved and protected, though, are soon shattered.

Mirror House is a home haunted by the past, by dark secrets and by the cruel games its inhabitants play. Alone and with no one to confide in, Amelia struggles to unearth the house’s secrets. Then the accidents begin, and Amelia knows she’s become the target for the hate that infests it.

Out of the despair, two seeming allies appear. Two offers of marriage promise sanctuary. Both men claim to love her. One of them is lying. Amelia must choose the one man whose embrace promises the love and safety her very life depends on. But the house, it seems, has other ideas…


STRANGER AT PLANTATION INN, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett Gold Medal, 1971

Stranger at Plantation Inn, Steel Magnolia Press Edition


Lillian Newton isn’t the only stranger at Plantation Inn. The heavy rains that had flooded the river and forced her to seek refuge at the old stage-stop had driven others to the sanctuary as well.

At first, Lillian pays scant attention to the rest of the group. Soon, however, rumors of an escaped killer — an outlaw whose vicious deeds have terrorized the countryside — spread a chill blanket of unease over the charming old house.

Then inexplicable things begin to happen: the stalking shadow glimpsed through the trees, the cat whose throat has been cut, the mysterious crying of an infant… Lillian is suddenly suspicious of everyone. Especially the handsome young Frenchman, Jean Marsh, whose arrogant manner arouses a curious inner fury she can’t define.

The killer is one of them. Of that she’s certain. But which one? And how long before he strikes again?



THE BEWITCHING GRACE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally published by Popular Library, 1974

The Bewitching Grace, Steel Magnolia Press Edition


Anne Tarrington, an up-and-coming journalist, is drawn into a world of danger and voodoo magic when she investigates the murder of a young girl. Hot on the trail of the killer, she follows a path of Voodoo mysticism and witchery to a mysterious Louisiana plantation where someone is channeling the forces of evil. But who?

Could it be Nico, the obtuse Greek poet? Maybe Lena, with her expertise in the ways of Voodoo? Even Miranda, Anne’s old friend who has had her soul mangled by a horrendous past? Perhaps it’s Steven with his dark evil eyes that seem to will Anne into forbidden acts?

To find the truth, Anne will have to confront the heart of evil itself — and face the love that kills.




BRIDE OF A STRANGER, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett Books, 1974

Bride of a Stranger, Steel Magnolia Press Edition



Justin Leroux was the tall, dark stranger of Claire’s girlhood dreams, even if their sudden and silent wedding wasn’t. Now he’s whisked her away to Sans Songe, the Leroux family plantation in Louisiana — where dangerous accidents and nasty surprises lurk at every turn.

Voodoo magic, poisoned food, and a murder mystery force Claire further into isolation. Helpless within the bosom of her frigid new family, with a new husband who has yet to come to her bed — and who may well be hoping for her demise — Claire is relentlessly drawn into an ever more tangled web of passion and intrigue.

In a harsh world where love means danger, Claire must struggle to simply survive.



COURT OF THE THORN TREE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Popular Library, 1973

The Court of the Thorn Tree, Steel Magnolia Press Edition




Lovely Margaret Steward is a proud and spirited young lady–too proud to accept the unwilling hospitality of her only living relative. But in strait-laced New Orleans early in the 19th century, there were few means for a respectable young woman to make her own way in the world–which is why Margaret comes as governess to the forbidding Villars mansion.

Given into her charge is a child seemingly possessed by satanic evil. Invading her dreams is the darkly handsome, fierce-tempered man who employs her. And closing in on her are hate and fear and mystery, as the dark abyss of a sinister past opens to receive her.



DARK MASQUERADE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett Books, 1974

Dark Masquerade, Steel Magnolia Press Edition



For the sake of her infant nephew, Elizabeth has assumed the identity of her dead sister, Ellen Marie. She arrives at the grand Louisiana plantation of Ellen Marie’s late husband, wearing traditional black widow’s weeds and carrying the baby — determined that the boy will reach maturity and inherit his rightful fortune…

The family at Oak Shade doesn’t suspect they’re harboring an imposter; still, they treat her with only frosty politeness. More disturbing are the unusual accidents that seem to be following in her wake, as if planned for her.

And now, the dark Creole, Bernard Delacroix, seems to be seeing through her assumed persona, right into her soul — where passion and desire war with her “widow’s” dark masquerade.




NIGHT OF THE CANDLES, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett Books, 1978

Night of the Candles, Steel Magnolia Press Edition



Shortly after the end of the Civil War, lovely Amanda Trent arrives at her cousin’s Louisiana plantation to find Amelia dead by mysterious circumstances. Amelia’s widower, Jason Monteigne, harbors a darkness in his heart. But Jason isn’t the only one on the war-torn grounds with secrets.

When inexplicable things start to happen, Amanda fears the home is haunted and that she’s being guided from beyond into a dead woman’s life, a dead woman’s romance — and, quite possibly, a dead woman’s grave…

Ensnared in a web of mystery, passion and hidden desire, Amanda vows to unravel the truth about her cousin’s death, and to discover what it is that haunts Jason’s every waking moment.




Sweetly Contemporary Collection

 (Books are category length and originally published as Maxine Patrick. All are available in the Kindle Unlimited and the Audible audio books programs.)


THE ABDUCTED HEART, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Signet Books, 1978

The Abducted Heart, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012, Sweetly Contemporary CollectionA Doubleday Romance Book Club Selection


He called her a stowaway. She called him a kidnapper. What better way could a romance start?

Anne Matthews, delivering a catered dinner to Ramón Castillo’s private plane, is surprised as it takes off for Mexico with her still aboard. But she’s incensed when dynamic, wealthy Ramón assumes she’s a fortune hunter with an unusual method of getting close to him.

Anne fully intends catching the next plane back to the States. But a series of weird mix-ups force Ramón to offer her a job as his temporary fiancée. Although drawn to the handsome Mexican and his rich and fascinating Aztec heritage, Anne has serious misgivings about the game he plays. To fall in love is certainly against the rules…



BAYOU BRIDE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Signet Books, 1979

Bayou Bride, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012A Doubleday Romance Book Club Selection


Piracy of the Heart

Sherry Mason fully intended to refuse the plea of her weak-willed friend, Paul Villeré, that she be his pretend fiancée during a visit to his Louisiana home. Let him stand up to his arrogant older brother Lucien and refuse to marry the girl chosen for him! But that was before she received the late-night phone call from Lucien and heard his scathing opinion of her character and relationship with Paul.

Still, she underestimates Lucien’s determination to prevent her appearance at the family gathering — until he spirits her away to an isolated bayou mansion. To submit to this abduction is impossible; Sherry makes every effort to thwart Lucien’s plan. But how can she escape the unwilling desires of her own heart?



SNOWBOUND HEART, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Signet Books, 1979

Snowbound Heart, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012A Doubleday Romance Book Club Selection


Script for Romance…

Stranded after an accident during a blizzard, Clare Thornton takes shelter at the mountain home of movie star Logan Longcross. She’s far from welcome as the reclusive actor is convinced she’s another adoring fan invading his privacy. Both Clare and Logan are determined she will leave as soon as the roads are clear.

That is, until producer Marvin Hobbs shows up right behind the snow plow, convinced he’ll find his wife, Janine, in Logan’s arms.

When Janine appears on cue, Clare is suddenly cast in the part of Logan’s fiancée. Clare and Logan must give flawless performances, or the movie deal Logan and Marvin are negotiating will fall apart. Logan is a superb actor, leaving Clare breathless. But it was never in the script for her to fall in love…


CAPTIVE KISSES, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Signet Books, 1980

Captive Kisses, Steel Magnolia Press edition 2012A Doubleday Romance Book Club Selection


A stolen moment…

Kelly is delighted to accept the offer of a friend’s family summer place on a Louisiana lake for her much-needed vacation. On arrival, however, she discovers the house already occupied by a darkly handsome stranger named Charles, his associate, and an elderly man who appears to be their prisoner.

Retreat is impossible; Kelly is forced to join the trio. Charles is charming and considerate beyond most crooks, but a ruthless captor; all attempts to escape his guard are futile. Yet as time wears on, Kelly questions the secret that holds them there, and yearns to believe Charles is worthy of love…



 LOVE AT SEA, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Signet Books, 1980

Love at Sea, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012A Doubleday Romance Book Club Selection


Passport to Love…

Maura’s great aunt is injured in an accident just before the two are to set sail aboard the Athena, and insists her niece go on without her. Maura can still gather background material for her famous aunt’s next romantic novel while enjoying a tropical island vacation.

Maura might not have agreed if she’d known the devilishly handsome owner of the shipping line, Nikolaos Vassos, would be on board. The arrogant Greek is everywhere she turns, in both calm and stormy seas, and seems to suspect her of some sort of literary sabotage.

How can she concentrate on island romance when her thoughts keep turning to a Greek lover?


APRIL OF ENCHANTMENT, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Signet Books, 1981

April of Enchantment, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012A Doubleday Romance Book Club Selection


Room for Love…

Laura Nichols is no amateur at historical preservation, and the elegant 19th-century Louisiana mansion, Crapemyrtle, promises to be the perfect showcase for her talent. After her first infuriating meeting with its handsome new owner, Justin Roman, she’s determined to prove the house can be both breathtaking and ready in time for his wedding. But if he doesn’t trust her abilities, why does he give her the final say on any changes to be made, even over his fiancée’s objections and growing jealousy?

As the wedding date approaches and the mansion nears completion, can Laura bear the thought that she will never live in it with Justin…?



And a special bonus, this Regency-inspired sweet historical romance….

 SWEET PIRACY, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally published as Patricia Maxwell by Fawcett Books, 1978

Sweet Piracy, Steel Magnolia Press Edition


Caroline Pembroke is a lovely young woman attempting a dangerous transatlantic crossing on her own. As she sails away from France toward the Delecroix plantation in Louisiana, she has no idea how far the journey will take her. When pirates attack the ship, she unwittingly becomes part of the plunder. For a brief, dizzying time she finds herself at the mercy of the swashbuckling captain — and shoots him to protect her virtue.

Although Caroline arrives safely in New Orleans, she finds that the gentleman-owner of the bayou mansion bears a striking resemblance to the amorous pirate. And soon she realizes that the captain has stolen more than just gold and jewels…he’s also stolen her heart.



Louisiana Plantation Collection

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TENDER BETRAYAL, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally published by Popular Library & Fawcett/Ballantine, 1979

New York Times, Publishers Weekly and International Bestseller!

Tender Betrayal, Steel Magnolia Press edition 2012Description:

She married him for revenge alone…

It was Melanie’s mistake and Roland’s drunken ardor that brought them together in illicit passion. If she hated him before for causing her beloved grandfather’s death, Melanie had even more reason after Roland seduces her and drives away the man she was to wed. She accepts his duty proposal, then, swearing to use it to destroy him.

The passionate intimacy of the bedchamber is no place for vengeance, however, and pride and anger melt in desire’s white-hot heat. A final act of treachery will surely end it. Yet betraying Roland may well break her hungry heart…

“The story of a love that scandalized the Old South from Natchez to New Orleans.”

“Blake uses each episode to uncover fresh psychological insights into her subjects. She never allows her focus to stray; readers will appreciate her unpretentious polish.” ~PW

(Please note, this novel was first published in 1979 when forced seduction in romance was not the hot-button issue it is today. If these types of scenes offend you, please consider another book in the Louisiana Plantation Collection.)


MIDNIGHT WALTZ, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1985

National and International bestseller!

Midnight Waltz, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012Description:

He came to her in the dark of the moon…

Arranged marriages are common among Louisiana’s aristocratic Creoles, but Amalie’s new husband shows little interest in his bride. That is, until his handsome cousin Robert arrives at Bonheur Plantation. How can the man she married remain so cool and aloof during the day, while approaching her with such tender passion at midnight?

Robert declines the outrageous favor asked of him — yet some sins are impossible to resist…

As mystery, deception and murderous danger stalk the sultry land, Amalie and Robert must choose between love and duty, between desire’s sweet rhapsody and the painful truth.

“Jennifer Blake creates a story full of mystery, misery, and magic of love. Her narrative of the unique styles of homes gives the reader a vicarious experience of feeling the cross breeze circulation through the house on a hot, humid summer night. Her description of the flood on Bayou Teche and the aftermath engages the reader’s senses and emotions as she brings to life the mud, misery and aching weariness as all work to save and revive Belle Grove. Another mind-shattering event comes alive as she describes the hurricane on Isle Derniere when winds, rain, and raging waters of the hurricane roar in like a mad beast killing and destroying without mercy. Ms. Blake takes one’s breath away with the realness of it all. She ramps up the anxiety with the antagonist’s surprise presence that threatens to destroy all the hurricane had not. However, the crown jewel of the story is the love story that threads through it all like the golden thread in a tapestry that enriches its warmth and sparkle as it reveals a surprise, or maybe not-so-surprising, soul mate connect.”


ARROW TO THE HEART, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1993

National and International bestseller!

Arrow to the Heart, Steel Magnolia Press ebooks edition, 2012 Description:

Temptation too powerful to resist…

In steamy nineteenth century Louisiana, a Southern version of the medieval court of love flourishes. It’s Katrine’s creation, her refuge from an arranged marriage that has left her untouched in heart and body. But her husband is using it to gain the child he can never sire.

Rowan de Blanc seeks out Katrine to unmask a heartless siren, but discovers instead a gallant and beleaguered lady. Caught up in the tournament arranged by her husband, he becomes the champion – and wins Katrine as his prize.
Katrine and Rowan refuse to couple at her husband’s command, and yet love and desire are strong beyond imagining, and time is running out…

“This tale or romance and mystery unfolds under a master’s touch.” ~RT

“…full of Blake’s captivating historical detail, rich, sensual atmosphere and intelligent banter and dialogue that make her characters so unique.” ~ Affaire de Coeur

“Blake is at her best in this historical romance…(Her) language is as lush and sensual as her protagonists’ affair.” ~PW


SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1996

National and International bestseller!

Silver-Tongued Devil, Steel Magnolia Press edition. 2012Description:

Which is stronger, hate or love?

After a steamboat disaster, Angelica wakes in the bed of a man she doesn’t know, tied to him in a wedding she can’t remember. Yet his kiss is sweetly familiar…

Renold took Angelica in a moment of madness, and kept her for the sake of her dowry – the plantation stolen from his family. Yet living with her is daily, and nightly, torment.

What began as an act of vengeance becomes searing desire and heedless love. But what redemption, what possible sacrifice, can lead to forgiveness and the possibility of forever?

“From a riverboat on its way to New Orleans to a magnificent plantation beside the Mississippi River, Jennifer Blake invites her readers to step into the past… One of the best known and most love authors of romance fiction delights her readers once again with a story of love and betrayal, hate and forgiveness. Ms. Blake’s writing is fresh and entertaining and her characters are fascinating. But it is the romantic setting that captures the imagination and touches the heart!”

Silver-Tongued Devil is incredibly well written. From her flawless prose to her attention to detail, Jennifer Blake delivers a memorable love story!”


The Royal Princes Duo

Both books are available in audio editions from

ROYAL SEDUCTION, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1983

New York Times, Publishers Weekly and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection

Royal Seduction, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012Description:

The international bestseller that defined romance for a generation…

On a mission to bring his brother’s killer to justice, the devastatingly charming Prince Rolfe of Ruthenia takes Angelina Fortina captive at a Louisiana country ball. Mistaking Angelina for her cousin Claire who fled Europe after the death of Ruthenia’s heir apparent, Rolfe commits an inexcusable error: using sensual threat in an attempt to pry information from the woman he thought was his late brother’s mistress.

Still, Rolfe cannot let Angelina go. It’s not just that she may yet lead him to Claire — it’s that her touch, and hers alone, has the power to make him forget the bitterness of his past.

Their passionate odyssey in search of justice, however, may already be compromised. For the enemy they seek travels with them, ready to strike should love temper the ruthless desire of Ruthenia’s future king and make him a vulnerable target.

(Please note, this classic novel was first published in the early 1980s when forced seduction in romance was not the hot-button issue it is today. If these types of scenes offend you, please consider another of Jennifer’s many historical novels set in Louisiana.)


ROYAL PASSION, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1986

National and International bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection!

Royal Passion, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012


Mara has no idea how to seduce a royal prince, or what he will do when she betrays him…

During a grand tour of Europe, Mara’s grandmother falls prey to a gamester. When she can’t settle her losses, the enigmatic gentleman makes a chilling demand: Mara must seduce the brilliant and dangerous prince of Ruthenia or her grandmother will suffer.

Prince Roderic, dynamic son of Rolfe and Angeline from Royal Seduction, is intrigued by the Louisiana belle who comes to him in a French gypsy camp. He is also wary: France seethes with political unrest that has spread to his home country, and he must guard against assassination. Trusting kisses that come too easily would be foolish. He will take what Mara offers but guard his back — and his heart.

Dread stalks Mara as the desire she pretends turns to fiery reality. Which of the two people she loves must she sacrifice when the time comes — her grandmother or the prince?



Louisiana History Collection

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FIERCE EDEN, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, org. published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1985

French Colonial Louisiana, circa 1730

Fierce Eden, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012National and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


What has he done with his devil’s bargain…?

Reynaud, of both French and Natchez Indian blood, endures a deadly slur from the lovely widow, Elise Laffont. Because of it, he demands she become his bedmate in return for saving her and her friends during a dangerous uprising. How was he to know she dreaded a man’s possession?

Elise expects the same brutal treatment from the half-breed brother of the ruler of the Natchez that she received from her dead husband. Instead, she is presented with a dubious bargain: Reynaud will not touch her—as long as she explores his magnificent body each night instead.

Their sensual pact turns to fiery desire, forging a bond as tender as it is strong. But the war between French and Natchez escalates, forcing desperate choices between honor and duty, loyalty and love.


LOUISIANA DAWN, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1987, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012

French Colonial Louisiana, early 1700s

Louisiana Dawn, Steel Magnolia Press EditionNational and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


Life would be perfect if she could be rid of her tiresome virginity…

While living with her guardians, the Breton brothers, on their Mississippi flatboat, Cyrene saves an infamous rake and womanizer from drowning. It’s an accident: she thought him dead and meant to rescue the valuable silver lace on his coat. Yet there is something René Lemonnier can do to repay her. He can relieve her of her innocence so she may escape the Breton’s kindly interference.

René may play the part of a rogue, but he isn’t without principles. The lovely Cyrene will surely become prey to every lowlife in New Orleans once he does as she asks–unless he appoints himself her protector.

Intrigue, corruption and betrayal are rife in the brilliant court kept by Louisiana’s French colonial governor, and no one is immune to their threat. In this dangerous hot-house atmosphere, love is a fool’s game that few can win—no matter how exquisite the passion of the moment…


EMBRACE AND CONQUER, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1981

Spanish Colonial Louisiana,  circa 1756

Embrace and Conquer, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012New York Times and Publishers Weekly Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


The handsome mercenary demands her surrender…

Félicité despises the Spanish and their mercenaries who march into New Orleans to subdue the French Creoles revolting against Louisiana’s transfer to Spain. Still, she is not foolish enough to insult them. It’s her adoptive brother Valcour who does that, though she gets the blame. Because of it, and in a desperate bid to prevent the execution of her father for treason, she becomes the mistress of ruthless Irish privateer and Spanish officer, Lt. Colonel Morgan McCormack.

Morgan regrets his misjudgment of Félicité but cannot let her go, not even after her father faces a firing squad. When she flees New Orleans to join brother following the tragedy, he sails in her wake aboard his vessel, the Black Stallion.

Félicité lands on a tropical island that’s a pirate haven where desperate men vie to have her. Though claimed once more by the Irish privateer, she must rescue him in her turn, for someone will stop at nothing to see them both dead. Can courage and desperate desire ever lead to trust and love?

(Please note, this novel was first published in the early 1980s when forced seduction in romance was not the hot-button issue it is today. If these types of scenes offend you, please consider another of Jennifer’s many historical novels set in Louisiana.)


SPANISH SERENADE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally. published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1990

Louisiana History Collection, 1790s, Spanish Colonial

Spanish Serenade, Steel Magnolia Press EditionNational and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


“Oh, yes,” Refugio Carranza y Leon said softly as he watched her there in the moonlit stillness. “I’ll take you.”

Pilar will pay any price to be abducted on the journey that is to deliver her to a convent. She is determined to defy Don Esteban, her vicious stepfather who murdered her mother and expects to shut Pilar away while he takes up an office in the Spanish Louisiana. The man she chooses for this desperate rescue is El Leon, the lion, a former nobleman turned brigand in the hills of Spain.

Refugio needs the nun’s dowry of gold Pilar promises, but more tempting is the chance for vengeance against Don Esteban who destroyed his family honor. He agrees to her plan—but nothing goes as it should. The gold disappears and Pilar is left to his uncertain mercy.

As Pilar and Refugio embark for the New World on the trail of Don Esteban, passion flares between them. But will the fire of revenge bind them together or destroy them?


PERFUME OF PARADISE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1988

Louisiana History Collection, 1803, transfer to U.S.

Perfume of Paradise, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012National and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


Hot, sultry passion blooms on a lush Caribbean island, but is it real?

The drums warn of trouble on the island of Saint-Domingue as Elene prepares to be wed to a groom she barely knows. To soothe her fears, her servant Devota gives her a special voodoo perfume said to captivate any man, insuring his lifelong devotion. But a slave uprising interrupts the wedding vows.

Sea Captain Ryan Bayard rescues the fascinating bride-to-be and retreats to safety with her. Trapped together in close quarters as death and destruction rage outside, the scent of her perfume is maddening. The attraction is so strong Ryan cannot resist making passionate love to her.

The pair escape with Devota to New Orleans where greater danger awaits as French Louisiana is taken over by the young United States. But how can Elene, caught in the clash of opposing political factions and threats of revenge, trust to a love that may be only the effect of her sensual perfume?


PRISONER OF DESIRE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1986

New Orleans, circa 1850s

Prisoner of Desire, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012National and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


Anya abducts the most lethal swordsman in New Orleans to prevent a death — but how will he retaliate…?

Her sister’s fiancé will surely be killed if his duel with the handsome Creole, Ravel Duralde, takes place. Anya’s swift action stops the meeting, but more is at stake than she realizes.

Ravel’s fury turns to intrigue as he comes to know his valiant and lovely captor. What ruse, what enticement of honeyed caresses can he use to gain his release — or make the lady his prisoner?

Desire builds inside the tiny cell where Anya comes to him each evening — a slow, unrelenting pressure that may break the bonds of a lifetime. But Mardi Gras madness and mayhem is upon them, and someone intends to see that Anya and Ravel never leave their prison alive.



SOUTHERN RAPTURE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally. published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1987

Louisiana , circa 1869, Reconstruction period

Southern Rapture, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012 National and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


How wanton she must be that she can thrill so to the kisses of two different men…

Lettie arrives in Reconstruction Louisiana from the northeast to teach plantation children, but also to find the man called the Thorn who murdered her brother. She takes a room at a rundown mansion with Aunt Em and her nephew Ransom who, following a head injury received in the war, has a heartbreaking smile and the mind of a boy.

The welcoming friendliness that greets her, the honest care and concern, threaten Lettie’s preconceived ideas. Her dormant sensuality comes alive in the sultry Southern heat. She is drawn to Ransom who joins the lessons she teaches but instructs her in ways she’ll never forget. And when she clashes with the Thorn in the dark, this magnificent nightrider — labeled a killer by some but courageous righter-of-wrongs by others — arouses unimagined passion.

Yet Lettie clings to her quest, coming finally to painful, secret knowledge that can become a trap for the Thorn. Using it requires only one thing — that she abandon love and desire for the cold comfort of duty.


Love and Adventure Collection

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The Storm and The Splendor, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 20012THE STORM AND THE SPLENDOR, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1979

New Orleans, Europe and Tangiers, circa 1820s

National and International Bestseller


She gambled with destiny and lost…or did she?

Julia is caught up in the fervor to rescue Napoleon that grips New Orleans after Waterloo. She doesn’t, however, trust the handsome sea captain chosen by her father to carry out a daring invasion of the emperor’s island prison. Rudyard’s self-assurance is infuriating and his intentions open to question.

She was right to worry; nothing goes as planned. Alone, bereaved and far from home, Julia must become Rudyard’s bride or abandon the undertaking. The desire that flares between them touches a desolate corner of her soul—but it cannot be allowed to matter.

Then a wild storm at sea flings Julia into a harem where dangerous games are played amidst silken decadence. Can she summon the wit and courage to escape the violence around her—and prevent the death of the man she loves?


Golden Fancy, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012GOLDEN FANCY, Steel Magnolia Press 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1980

Colorado Gold Rush, circa late 1890s

National and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


She was the golden lady every man desired…including a killer.

Serena flees the Mormon wagon train led by fanatical Elder Greer, but nearly dies alone on the prairie. It’s Nathan Benedict who finds her and takes her aboard his private railroad car bound for the Cripple Creek gold camp. She is drawn to the handsome gambler—though he expects more from her for his rescue than mere gratitude.

Installed at Nathan’s gaming house, Serena quickly becomes the toast of the boom town, celebrated far and wide for her golden-heeled slippers. Life is cheap in the high-country gold camp, however, especially the lives of women generous with their favors; no one seems to notice when “parlor girls” begin to die one by one. Will the town and Nathan stand beside Serena when she confronts this menace?

(Please note, this novel was first published in 1980 when forced seduction in romance was not the hot-button issue it is today. If these types of scenes offend you, please consider another of Jennifer’s many historical novels set in Louisiana.)


Love's Wild Desire, Steel Magnolia Press EditionLOVE’S WILD DESIRE, Popular Library & Fawcett/Ballantine, 1977

New Orleans, circa 1820s

New YorK Times, Publisher’s Weekly and International Bestseller


Love and redemption in the Old South…

Catherine is tricked into attending an infamous quadroon ball during Mardi Gras. That Rafael takes her for one of the exotic masked courtesans is not his fault, but neither is it easy to forgive. The last thing Catherine wants is to marry this notorious swordsman who made love to her with such shattering skill.

Rafael, relentlessly honorable, ensures that his proposal is accepted. Following a hasty wedding, he escorts Catherine to his secluded mansion where past secrets and forbidden passion drift in the sultry air.

Catherine is beguiled by her new husband’s caresses, enthralled by his tender possession—but someone wants their marriage ended, one way or another. Can she survive long enough to accept her place as Rafael’s wife…or admit to her own wild desire?

(Please note, this novel was first published in 1977 when forced seduction in romance was not the hot-button issue it is today. If these types of scenes offend you, please consider another of Jennifer’s many historical novels set in Louisiana.)


Notorious Angel, Steel Magnolia Press EditionNOTORIOUS ANGEL, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett Books, 1977

New Orleans and Central America, circa 1850s

National and International Bestseller 


All is fair in love…

Eleanora returns home to New Orleans as heroine of an ill-fated military invasion of Central America, angel of mercy to the wounded Americans in Nicaragua, and widow of a Spanish grandee. She is wealthy, a privileged condesa. But in the war-torn land she left behind, she was the mistress of an officer who thought her a camp follower, one who must never guess the secret she holds in her heart.

Colonel Grant Farrell learned respect for tempestuous, red-haired Eleanora the hard way, by losing her to a man who valued her more. Though the lady has reason to despise him, he will follow her into the jaws of hell to taste her kiss one last time….

(Please note, this novel was first published in 1977 when forced seduction in romance was not the hot-button issue it is today. If these types of scenes offend you, please consider another of Jennifer’s many historical novels set in Louisiana.)


Surrender in Moonlight, Steel Magnolia Press edition, 2012SURRENDER IN MOONLIGHT, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1984

Civil War Louisiana and Nassau, Bahamas

National and International Bestseller & Doubleday Book Club Selection


“I am half-crazed with wanting you…”

Lorna comes upon infamous blockade runner Ramon Cazenave sheltering from the rain in a deserted mansion. They make love—out of despair on one side and revenge on the other, but also from perilous attraction. Who could guess Lorna would be blamed for the death of her boorish fiancé because of it?

New Orleans is dangerous for Ramon—the city has fallen to the Federal navy and he can’t allow his ship to be taken. Yet the lovely young woman he seduced must escape the wrath of her dead fiancé’s father. As the burning docks of the city light the night sky, they steal away downriver to the gulf.

So begins an exhilarating journey that sweeps from the warm blue waters of the Caribbean to the sea ports of the Civil War-torn South, from intrigue to breathtaking danger—and from sensual obsession to a love that must defy death itself.


Mainstream Contemporary Collection

All books are available in audio editions from


National and International Bestseller, Doubleday Book Club Selection

Shameless, Steel Magnolia Press ebook, 2012SHAMELESS, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1994


Whispers, lurid gossip, rampant suspicion–Camilla and Reid give their small town neighbors something to talk about…

It’s been years since Camilla saw Reid Sayers, her accepted blood enemy in a local feud going back generations. She barely recognizes the warrior who returns to their small town, an ex-military, multi-decorated hero with pain in his eyes. But the battle between them has just begun.

A takeover bid is pending for the local paper mill. Camilla swears to stop the sale, rallying the town behind her on environmental issues. Reid, as operating owner, is concerned for the workers. Added to the mix is Camilla’s almost ex-husband who wants her back–mainly because he believes a loophole in the law may make her the beneficiary of millions from the buyout.

But hate and love are close kin, and daytime combat between Reid and Camilla gives way to nighttime desire. That is, until Camilla’s estranged husband turns up dead. As the town erupts with gossip about the convenience of his passing, she and Reid are faced with a choice. They can join forces to unmask the killer–or allow the murderer to drive them apart forever.


Wildest dreamsWILDEST DREAMS, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1992


Two extraordinary women – 150 years apart – search Europe for a special perfume, and their own secret hearts for the thing that matters most….

The perfume is legendary, once worn by Cleopatra and Empress Josephine — and made in New Orleans for more than 150 years. Its history and enthralling scent render it priceless, and while many are determined to exploit it, Joletta Caressa’s beloved grandmother, Violet, took its secret formula with her when she died.

Now Joletta must reconstruct it using the journals written by Violet, who brought the perfume home from a Victorian-era grand tour of Europe. The code is in the yellowed pages, tied to the places Violet visited — London, Paris, the Swiss Alps, Venice, and a secluded garden in the Italian countryside.

As Joletta follows the itinerary described, she runs into Rone Adamson, a charming Southern gentleman with a quirky sense of humor and suspicious understanding of perfume production. After an odd accident, Rone comes to her aid then invites himself on her pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, within the pages of the journal, Violet embarks on a daring love affair, intimately connected to the perfume, with an intriguing artist who woos her with his tender touch. Yet all is not sweet scents and moonlight for Violet in the 1850s; scandal and death darken her path across Europe.

With Joletta’s own path mimicking her grandmother’s much too precisely, she must decide whether to trust her dubious white knight — or leave him behind as she follows the perfume’s trail to its bitter end.


Contemporary Collection - Part 2LOVE AND SMOKE, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1989

National and International Bestseller, Doubleday Book Club Selection

This book is currently available as an e-book only as part of the Contemporary Collection Part 2 and as an audion book from


Riva Staulet triumphed over past betrayal to become one of the wealthiest and most influential women in New Orleans. Now she must risk everything, including exposure of dangerous secrets, to prevent a ruthless politician from destroying all she holds dear.



Contemporary Collection - Part 2JOY AND ANGER, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine, 1991

National and International Bestseller, Doubleday Book Club Selection

This book is currently available as an e-book only as part of the Contemporary Collection Part 2 and as an audion book from

Up-and-coming director Julie Bullard must get to the bottom of the sabotage at her movie’s location in the Louisiana wetlands — even if it means enlisting the aid of the handsome and mysterious Cajun known as the Swamp Rat.



Contemporary Collection - Part 2HOLDING THE TIGRESS, Steel Magnolia Press 2012, (originally published as “Tigress”), Fawcett/Ballantine, 1996)

National and International Bestseller, Doubleday Book Club Selection

This book is currently available as an e-book only as part of the Contemporary Collection Part 2 and as an audion book from


Jessica is haunted by the reckless passion she shared with a masked stranger while in Rio at Carnaval. Now, she could be vulnerable to blackmail during the takeover threat against the shipping empire she controls. As violence looms over the crisis, she must turn to the man she trusts least, the Brazilian owner of the rival shipping company — who may be her mysterious midnight lover.



Garden of Scandal, Mira Books 3rd edition, 2005GARDEN OF SCANDAL, Mira Books, 1998

USA Today Best Seller!


Laurel Bancroft has lived for years as a recluse, isolating herself from a town that has branded her a murderer. But now, convinced people have finally forgotten, she is ready to resume her life.

Then Laurel meets Alec Stanton. Hired to help redesign her garden, Alec is a stranger with a mysterious past. Though more than ten years younger, Alec is exactly what Laurel needs: intelligent, talented, passionate.

But as their relationship grows, so does a dangerous threat against them. Someone wants Laurel to return to her seclusion and give up her younger lover–someone who hasn’t forgotten that night so many years ago.



Louisiana Gentlemen Series


Kane KANE, Mira Books, 1998, Louisiana Gentlemen Series Book 1

USA Today Best Seller!


Down in Louisiana, family comes first. In the delta town of Turn-Coupe, that’s the rule the Benedicts live by. So when a beautiful redhead starts paying a little too much attention to Kane Benedict’s grandfather, Kane decides to find out what the woman really wants.

Kane’s sure Regina Dalton’s up to no good. She’s either out to grab his grandfather’s money or a spy for the company that’s trying to put him out of business. Kane—who everyone calls Sugar Kane, ’cause he’s sweet as sin…with all the consequences-figures he’ll have no trouble getting answers from Regina. But he’s wrong.

She’s not about to tell him the truth. Because her own family’s in trouble and she’ll do anything—and everything—to save it.


51o1OhENXXLLUKE, Mira Books, 1999, Louisiana Gentlemen Series Book 2

USA Today Best Seller!


Luke Benedict figures he’s the only one in Turn-Coupe, Louisiana, who can save novelist Aril Halstead from someone intent on revenge. If only he could get April to cooperate.

Years ago, Luke had let April down—in the worst possible way. She’s never been able to forgive him and she still doesn’t want anything to do with the man she once loved.

But that’s not about to stop Luke. He’d never turn his back on a friend—especially one whose life is in danger. And if he’s got to kidnap a woman who despises him to keep her safe, he will. ‘Cause down in Louisiana, this man will do whatever it takes….


RoanROAN, Mira Books, 2000, Louisiana Gentlemen Series Book 3

USA Today Best Seller!


Sheriff Roan Benedict comes from a family of hardheaded men who have a habit of rescuing and falling for equally hardheaded women. And sure enough, he’s falling for a woman he just shot….

This mysterious stranger just helped rob a convenience store. But that doesn’t explain the bruises on her jaw and rope burns on her wrist. Though intrigued, Roan is suspicious of her claim that she doesn’t remember what happened. Two things are clear to Roan. One: she’s lying. Two: someone is trying to kill her.

There’s only one place safe enough for a lady in danger. Right by his side. Because in Louisiana, a man holds on to what he wants….


ClayCLAY, Mira Books, 2001, Louisiana Gentlemen Series Book 4

USA Today Best Seller!


How far will a mother go to save her child? What will a man do to protect the woman he loves?

Janna Kerr’s eight-year-old daughter is dangerously ill and she knows her last hope is an unscrupulous doctor who—for the right price—will help her child. Secluded in a small cabin in the Louisiana bayou, Janna and Lainey wait for the summons. But when Clay Benedict shows up, an already desperate woman is pushed to the edge.

Clay, whose powerful Louisiana family owns this land, was just checking on the place. He didn’t expect to be drugged and held captive by a beautiful woman whose secret is revealed the moment he looks into her young daughter’s eyes—Benedict eyes.

The last thing Janna needs is this powerful man affecting her in ways her heart cannot allow. Because nothing is more important than saving her daughter—and Clay is getting too close to understanding the terrible risk she’s willing to take. But in Louisiana, a man fights for what he wants….


WadeWADE, Mira Books, 2002, Louisiana Gentlemen Series, Book 5

USA Today Best Seller!


Wade Benedict has a job to do: infiltrate a treacherous land and rescue Chloe Madison. It was her father’s dying wish—and Wade is taking it personally. The problem is, this stubborn, angry and courageous woman doesn’t want to be saved.

Her rage at the oppressive treatment of women has pulled Chloe into the dangerous world of an underground rebellion. She can’t desert the women with whom she forged a daring alliance, and this self-appointed rescuer can’t force her to abandon her friends or her commitments—even though her own life is at stake.

But Chloe has met her match in Wade, a man as honorable and determined as she. As they make their escape through the treacherous mountains, unspoken passion wears away at the sharp edges that guard their hearts. And when deadly danger stalks them in Turn-Coupe, Louisiana, together they must face a battle that can only be won by the indomitable will of family…and of love.


Adam, With a Southern TouchADAM, Mira Books, 2002, Louisiana Gentlemen novella in the WITH A SOUTHERN TOUCH anthology

Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham and Diana Palmer, well-loved voices of romance fiction, bring you three new stories of sultry Southern romance. With a Southern Touch will renew your faith in the power of love.






Masters at Arms Series


Challenge to HonorCHALLENGE TO HONOR, Mira Books, 2005

The Masters at Arms series Book 1


When her brother challenges New Orleans’s most infamous swordsman to a duel, Celina Vallier boldly confronts his opponent, Rio de Silva, determined to thwart what would be her brother’s certain death. The legendary maître d’armes agrees…for a price—Celina’s innocence.

Though Rio is captivated by Celina’s beauty and courage, she is also the perfect pawn for his revenge. She is to be betrothed to his sworn enemy, the Count de Lérida. And what sweet vengeance it would be to take the bride before the wedding.

But neither anticipates the tangled web of scandal and danger that will soon follow. Devious plots are afoot, and Celina is wary of trusting anyone, including the man whose brazen sensuality tempts her to think of nothing but her own desires….


Dawn EncounterDAWN ENCOUNTER, Mira Books, 2006

The Masters at Arms series Book 2


Lisette Moisant is a widow, courtesy of the swordsmanship of Caid O’Neill, one of the city’s legendary maîtres d’armes. He bested her loathsome husband in a duel, but now she is a pawn of schemers who wish to steal her fortune and see her dead. It is Caid to whom she turns for protection, and guilt leaves him no recourse but to agree to Lisette’s request.

But soon a whispering campaign is being waged against them, suggesting the two plotted to kill Lisette’s husband all along, that she is a woman of loose morals and he is nothing short of a murderer. In a society where reputation is everything, the scandal and accusations threaten Lisette and Caid with ruin, and the person responsible will stop at nothing until they have paid with their lives.



Rogue's SaluteROGUE’S SALUTE, Mira Books, 2007

The Masters at Arms series Book 3


At ease making life-and-death decisions between breaths, maître d’armes Nicholas Pasquale proposes marriage to a beautiful and desperate stranger, a woman who offers comfort to his irascible young charge and calmly tells him the boy needs a mother. It is a challenge he can’t resist.

Nor can Juliette Armant. Though pledged to the church since infancy, she’s been summoned to save her family in the only way possible…by marriage. Once she is wed, she will claim an ancestral marriage chest—and protect its secret contents from the dubious intent of her twin sister, who wants the treasure all to herself.

Juliette never dreamed such a practical arrangement would explode with heady desire when a rogue’s kiss unleashes the sensual woman within. But someone is determined to stop the wedding, willing to go to desperate lengths to claim the chest, plunging Juliette into a fight to claim a legacy and a love worth any price.


Guarded HeartGUARDED HEART, Mira Books, 2008

The Masters at Arms series Book 4


The New Year begins with a lady’s intriguing proposition for Gavin Blackford–though not the sort he’s accustomed to. Alluring widow Ariadne Faucher requests private lessons from the rakish sword master in order to challenge her sworn enemy to a duel.

Though disinclined at first to teach a woman, Gavin is fascinated by this statuesque beauty, cloaked as she is in grief and mystery. Ariadne proves a quick study with a blade, her resolve fueled by a vendetta that is all she has left in the world. Their lessons crackle with undeniable electricity…but the secret of her all-consuming vengeance may have rendered her heart impervious even to such a virtuoso as Gavin.



Gallant MatchGALLANT MATCH, Mira Books, 2009

The Masters at Arms series Book 5


Kerr Wallace has spent years studying swordplay, preparing to challenge his sworn enemy and avenge his brother’s death. The scoundrel Rouillard, now living in Mexico as a profiteer, has decided to take a wife, and the lady requires an escort to Veracruz. Kerr seizes his chance–he will deliver the bride…and dispatch the groom.

If only it were so easy. Headstrong Sonia Bonneval will do anything to escape this doomed marriage to Rouillard. Coquettish ploys cannot melt the iron resolve of her damnable escort, however, and the voyage with Kerr becomes an exhilarating battle of wills. But a very real declaration of war forces them into even closer quarters–and greater temptation–in a fight for survival. Before the end, both must choose between duty and freedom–vengeance and passion.


Triumph in ArmsTRIUMPH IN ARMS, Mira Books, 2010

Masters at Arms Book 6 (final)


Once a starveling bootblack, Christien Lenoir has risen to become the sword master known asFaucon, the Falcon. When a desperate gambler stakes his plantation in a late-night card game, sharp-eyed Christien antes up. For he wants River’s Edge–and the tempestuous widow whose birthright it is. And he will stop at nothing to have both.

Reine Cassard Pingre feels trapped: the only way to keep her beloved home–and her inheritance–is to accept Christien’s bold proposal of marriage. Though she instantly mistrusts his purpose, and despite rumors that she had a hand in her husband’s mysterious death, Reine cannot dissuade him from wedding…and bedding…her. Their union is electrifying, but the honeymoon may be cut short by the lurid secrets at the heart of River’s Edge.


The Three Graces Series


By His Majesty's GraceBY HIS MAJESTY’S GRACE, Mira Books, 2011

The Three Graces series, Book 1


The Three Graces of Graydon are well-born sisters bearing an ominous curse: any man betrothed to them without love is doomed to die.

Much to her chagrin, Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford—a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne. The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights, an experience Isabel scarcely hoped to enjoy so much. But youth and strength may not save Braesford from his bride’s infamous curse…

Accused of a heinous crime with implications that reach all the way to King Henry himself, Braesford is imprisoned in the Tower, and Isabel is offered her salvation—but for a price. She has the power to seal his fate, have him sent to the executioner and be freed from her marriage bonds. Yet the more Isabel learns of Rand, the less convinced she is of his guilt, and she commits to discover the truth about the enigmatic husband she never expected to love.


5114NsLqfZLBY GRACE POSSESSED, Mira Books, 2011

The Three Graces series, Book 2


She is one of the accursed Three Graces of Graydon—if she marries not for love, her betrothed will soon meet his end…

The Tudor king issues Lady Catherine Milton a most unusual command: seduce Scottish loyalist Ross Dunbar. The son of an ornery borderland laird, Dunbar would make an advantageous match, but King Henry cannot force him to wed. So Cate must ensnare him…

A rush of courtly parties and passionate nights in Dunbar’s embrace leaves Cate breathless…and confused. She desires a proposal for the sake of propriety and politics, but she longs to be truly loved. Tortured loyalties are not hers alone—though Dunbar is enchanted by Cate, he cannot bind himself to England and abandon his people.

But when a pretender to the throne ignites a rebellion, the choice is made for them: to solidify northern alliances, Dunbar and Cate must wed. Suddenly Dunbar’s death appears certain—either by his bride’s curse or by a war he did not choose…


Seduced by GraceSEDUCED By Grace, Mira Books, 2011

The Three Graces series, Book 3


The youngest of the fabled Three Graces of Graydon is waylaid from her bridal cortege, preserving one man from the notorious curse. But another may yet fall.…

When Lady Marguerite Milton is abducted by the enigmatic—and famously insatiable—Golden Knight, it is the stuff of fantasy. Or would be, if Marguerite weren’t pining for her David, who pledged his devotion ten years before…and disappeared. But the only thing more heartbreaking than a man that does not keep his word is one bound by it.…

David is the Golden Knight, reaffirming his oath to protect Marguerite and, maddeningly, to love her, but chastely. More infuriatingly, Marguerite has been a pawn—bait to lure David into King Henry VII’s latest intrigue. To divide Yorkist insurrectionists, David is groomed as a rival to their latest pretender to the throne.

Marguerite is desperate. If David fails, the rebels will destroy him; if he succeeds, Henry will not scruple to execute the would-be king he himself created. Suddenly, love and life seem far beyond the reach of any mere curse.…


Italian Billionaires Series


tuscanTHE TUSCAN’S REVENGE WEDDING, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013

Italian Billionaires Collection Book 1

A contemporary, category-length romance by a legend of the genre.


Revenge can indeed be sweet…

When her brother’s car plunges off a cliff with him and his fiancée in it, Amanda Davies gets the news personally from the fiancée’s brother. The devastatingly handsome Italian businessman appears in Atlanta and whisks Amanda off to Italy to be with the hospitalized couple. But could his motive be more?

Nicholas de Frenza never approved of his sister’s choice in husband to begin with, and now that Carita is in a coma due to her fiancé’s reckless driving, it seems the perfect time to resurrect an ancient Italian custom of revenge: the seduction calls for a similar seduction in return, a sister for a sister. But Nico is too civilized for such vengeance — or is he?

Even as Amanda falls for the Tuscan’s charms, she knows his code and his family would never approve of her as more than a simple dalliance. But then the secret about the car wreck comes out — and that’s when everything changes…


91+8TJkCkeL._SL1500_THE VENETIAN’S DARING SEDUCTION, Steel Magnolia Press, 2013

Italian Billionaires Collection Book 2

A contemporary, category-length romance by a legend of the genre.


Celina inherited both the cottage where her beloved grandmother painted her famous watercolors and a faded journal that hints at a long-ago Venetian love affair. It’s the priceless Canaletto hidden away with the journal that piques her curiosity, however. An art historian and appraiser, Celina can’t rest until she knows the story behind the painting—and how deeply the past owner, Conte Massimo di Palladino, touched her grandmother’s life.

Lucca Palladino doesn’t trust the lovely American who appears at the palazzo, particularly when he realizes his grandfather is smitten on sight. He’ll use any means, fair or foul, to remove Celina, including the seductive pleasures of a midnight gondola ride. All he has to do is avoid being seduced himself…


91awCp6SjUL._SL1500_THE AMALFITANO’S BOLD ABDUCTION, Steel Magnolia Press, 2014

Italian Billionaires Collection Book 3

A contemporary, category-length romance by a legend of the genre.


Dana Marsden’s first mistake is stopping on the fog-shrouded Amalfi Coast road to help clear a traffic jam. Her second is rescuing the valuable cat that appears out of the mist. And the third? Trusting the handsome Italian who comes to her aid when her rental car plunges over a cliff in what may not have been an accident.

Since the American police officer refuses to believe she’s in danger, Andrea Tonello sees only one option: spirit her away to the safety of his private island.

But who’s going to protect him from one mad, independent lady when Dana discovers what he’s done?




Around the World in 100 Days, the Trip of a Lifetime

Around the World in 100 Days, the Trip of a Lifetime

AROUND THE WORLD IN 100 DAYS, Steel Magnolia Press, 2015

Kindle Unlimited Available!


To travel around the world on a ship—what a dream! But how do you plan such a long voyage, what do you take and what is it really like?

Join international-bestselling romance author Jennifer Blake and her grandson Corey as they get ready for and set out on this trip of a lifetime. You’ll be right there with them as they race down a mountainside in Madeira in a basket sled, glide through rainforest treetops in Costa Rica, spot wild kangaroo at Australian’s Uluru monument, careen over a sand dune in Abu Dhabi, touch the jeweled walls of the mystical Taj Mahal, and many more adventures.

By the time you turn the last page, you’ll be ready and eager to up anchor and sail away!

Whether you’re an armchair traveler or preparing for your first world cruise, let Jennifer and Corey be your guides! This down-to-earth and informative full-length travelogue (over 200 pages of text) also includes 48 full-color photos from Jennifer and Corey’s personal collections.


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    • Hi Shirley:

      Many thanks for sticking with me over the years! So sorry, but there are no paperback editions available at this time for the Italian Billionaires series, or for “Around the World in 100 Days.” That may happen in the future if there’s enough interest. Many of the older titles can sometimes be found in paper through the used book dealers on Amazon, but there are no “new” paperback versions. For some of the books published by Mira Books, 1997 – 2012, the paper versions may be purchased online. You’ll need to check them out on an individual basis.

      Warmest wishes for happy reading, Jennifer

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