Book List


Jennifer’s books and novellas in order of publication:

TRUE GENTLEMEN, 3 novella box set, Steel Magnolia Press, 2017

CHRISTMAS KNIGHT (a holiday novella) Steel Magnolia Press, 2016

TRISTAN ON A HARLEY, Steel Magnolia Press, 2016

GALAHAD IN JEANS, Steel Magnolia Press, 2016

LANCELOT OF THE PINES, Steel Magnolia Press, 2016

AROUND THE WORLD IN 100 DAYS (with Corey Faucheux, Steel Magnolia Press, 2015

THE TUSCAN’S REVENGE WEDDING, Steel Magnolia Press, 2012
SEDUCED BY GRACE, Mira Books, October 2011
BY GRACE POSSESSED, Mira Books, September 2011
BY HIS MAJESTY’S GRACE, Mira Books, August 2011
TRIUMPH IN ARMS, Mira Books, 2010, reissued by Steel Magnolia Press 2017
GALLANT MATCH, Mira Books, 2009, reissued by Steel Magnolia Press 2017
GUARDED HEART, Mira Books, 2008, reissued by Steel Magnolia Press 2017
ROGUE’S SALUTE, Mira Books, 2007, reissued by Steel Magnolia Press 2017
DAWN ENCOUNTER, Mira Books, 2006, reissued by Steel Magnolia Press 2017
CHALLENGE TO HONOR, Mira Books, 2005, reissued by Steel Magnolia Press 2017
WADE, Mira Books, 2002
CLAY, Mira Books, 2001
ROAN, Mira Books, 2000
LUKE, Mira Books, 1999
KANE, Mira Books, 1998
GARDEN OF SCANDAL, Mira Books, 1997
TIGRESS, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1996
SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1996
SHAMELESS, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1994
ARROW TO THE HEART, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1993
WILDEST DREAMS, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1992
JOY AND ANGER, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1991
SPANISH SERENADE, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1990
LOVE AND SMOKE, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1989
PERFUME OF PARADISE, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1988
SOUTHERN RAPTURE, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1987
LOUISIANA DAWN, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1987
PRISONER OF DESIRE, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1986
ROYAL PASSION, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1986
FIERCE EDEN, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1985
MIDNIGHT WALTZ, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1985
SURRENDER IN MOONLIGHT, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1984
ROYAL SEDUCTION, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1983
EMBRACE AND CONQUER, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1981
APRIL OF ENCHANTMENT, Signet Books, 1981
GOLDEN FANCY, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1980
CAPTIVE KISSES, Signet Books, 1980
LOVE AT SEA, Signet Books, 1980
THE STORM AND THE SPLENDOR, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1979
TENDER BETRAYAL, Popular Library & Fawcett/Ballantine, 1979
SNOWBOUND HEART, Signet Books, 1979
BAYOU BRIDE, Signet Books, 1979
THE ABDUCTED HEART, Signet Books, 1978
NIGHT OF THE CANDLES, Fawcett Books, 1978
SWEET PIRACY, Fawcett Books, 1978
LOVE’S WILD DESIRE, Popular Library & Fawcett/Ballantine, 1977
MURDER FOR CHARITY, Manor Books, 1977
HAVEN OF FEAR, Manor Books, 1977
NOTORIOUS ANGEL, Fawcett Books, 1977
BRIDE OF A STRANGER, Fawcett Books, 1974
DARK MASQUERADE, Fawcett Books, 1974
COURT OF THE THORN TREE, Popular Library, 1973
THE BEWITCHING GRACE, Popular Library, 1973
STORM AT MIDNIGHT, Ace Books, 1973
STRANGER AT PLANTATION INN, Fawcett Gold Medal, 1971
SECRET OF MIRROR HOUSE, Fawcett Gold Medal, 1970


QUEEN FOR A NIGHT, Steel Magnolia Press, 2014

WITH A SOUTHERN TOUCH, Mira Books, 2002 (ADAM, one of the Louisiana Gentlemen)
SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN (John “Rip” Peterson), Mira Books, 1998
UNMASKED (Love in Three-Quarter Time), Mira Books, 1997
A JOYOUS SEASON (A Vision of Sugarplums), Kensington, 1996
QUILTING CIRCLE (Pieces of Dreams), Berkley, 1996
A PURRFECT ROMANCE (Out of the Dark), Harper, 1995
HONEYMOON SUITE (The Rend-a-Groom), St. Martin’s Press, 1995
STARDUST (The Warlock’s Daughter), Avon, 1994
SECRETS OF THE HEART (Besieged Heart), Penguin Topaz, 1994
A DREAM COME TRUE (Dream Lover), Penguin Topaz, 1994