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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Robert Silva


    I just wanted to take a moment of your time so that I can express appreciation to you for making your books available to blind or visually impaired persons. We know and appreciate the fact that your donations of books to the Library of Congress and the Talking Book Library’s all over the country and abroad are donated and that you do not receive any compensation for your gifts to us. That is why we are grateful. Believe it; you do give to us that cannot see many hours of joy. Being a male, I want you to know that I most enjoy Romance Fiction novels, a close second are Mystery and Detective Stories, Fantasy Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Suspense Fictions. With that said, again thank you from all of us. Those of us who meet at various activities for blind and visually impaired persons often acknowledge the joy of books on tape and now available for download from the internet brings to us much joy. As a blind Viet Nam, veteran and haven worked in the private, sector people ask what my interests are and that is easy to respond books of course. You can imagine the confusion that comes about with that response.

    So again big thanks.

    Bob Silva

    [email protected]

    • You’re most welcme, Robert. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed the books. It’s a pleasure to know that nearly forty of my titles are available from for readers like you.

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