The Italian Billionaires Series

Three stories set in lovely, sunny Italy, with swoon-worthy Italian heroes — That’s amore!

tuscanThe Tuscan’s Revenge Wedding

Revenge can indeed be sweet…

When her brother’s car plunges off a cliff with him and his fiancée in it, Amanda Davies gets the news personally from the fiancée’s brother. The devastatingly handsome Italian businessman appears in Atlanta and whisks Amanda off to Italy to be with the hospitalized couple. But is that his only reason? Nicholas de Frenza never approved of his sister’s choice, and now that Carita is in a coma due to her fiancé’s reckless driving, it seems the perfect time to resurrect an ancient Italian custom of revenge: the seduction calls for a similar seduction in return, a sister for a sister. But Nico is too civilized for such vengeance — or is he? Even as Amanda falls for the Tuscan’s charms, she knows his code and his family would never for more than an affair. But then the secret about the car wreck comes out — and that’s when everything changes…


The Venetian’s Daring Seduction

It was supposed to be a seduction of guile, but just who was doing the seducing?

Celina inherited both the cottage where her beloved grandmother painted her famous watercolors and a faded journal that hints at a long-ago Venetian love affair. It’s the priceless Canaletto hidden away with the journal that piques her curiosity, however. An art historian and appraiser, Celina can’t rest until she knows the story behind the painting–and how deeply the past owner, Conte Massimo di Palladino, touched her grandmother’s life. Lucca Palladino doesn’t trust the lovely American who appears at the palazzo, particularly when he realizes his grandfather is smitten on sight. He’ll use any means,  fair or foul, to remove Celina, including the seductive pleasure of a midnight gondola ride. All he has to do is avoid being seduced himself…

The Amalfitano’s Bold Abduction  91awCp6SjUL._SL1500_

He meant it for the best…

Dana Marsden’s first mistake is stopping on the fog-shrouded Amalfi Coast road to help clear a traffic jam. Her second is rescuing the valuable cat that appears out of the mist. And the third? Trusting the handsome Italian who comes to her aid when her rental car plunges over a cliff in what may not have been an accident.

Since the American police officer refuses to believe she’s in danger, Andrea Tonello sees only one option: spirit her away to the safety of his private island. But who’s going to protect him from one mad, independent lady when Dana discovers what he’s done?

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