Men’s Voices

Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot

What is it about the voices of certain men? Deep, measured, smooth as warm cognac, they resonate inside the female of the species to provide instant attraction. Advertisers know this, which is why certain guys are paid high prices to read commercials. Sam Elliot who narrates the Ram truck ads comes instantly to mind, as does actor James Earl Jones for Verizon. Mike Rowe, host of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, but known for his Ford dealer ads, is another. The guy who does the Trivago commercials is on the list as well.

Scientists have attempted to explain the phenomenon. One study suggests that women are attracted because deeper voices usually correlate with larger body size. Larger body size then indicates greater protection for a female and her offspring.

This evolutionary angle is interesting, but I’m not buying it. It’s difficult to tell from a TV screen, but none of the men listed above seem particularly brawny to me. And what about NFL players that stand 6’ 6” and weigh 350 pounds, but have voices in a higher register?

No, I suspect the solid confidence projected in the voices of these spokespersons is key, the sense that their owners are sincere, trustworthy, someone you can believe and also believe in. It’s what makes them valuable pitchmen for the products they represent. It’s also a fine quality in a prospective mate. And that’s something to keep in mind for the perfect romance novel hero.

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